Steve Coffee is the power tool of IT consultants. He is amazingly fast and effective, but his work is also consistently high quality. I highly recommend him for the most complex web-related writing and design tasks.

Peter Lazar,
Director of Technology, GMRI

The tireless pursuit of clarity...

Does your use of language live up to the effort you put into proposals and reports?

Are you communicating with potential customers the way you need to?

Do your website and print materials properly reflect your image and values?

Is your web site getting the traffic and producing the results you feel it should?

Perhaps you could benefit from a consultant who can economically add value in all these areas.

What's with the name?

At our house we refer to housecleaning as "chaos abatement." This fun bit of bureaucratese is an apt description of the potential of good writing and good design. After all, clear expression is a result of clear thinking, good design the result of clear purpose. is the online office of Stephen R. Coffee Consulting, LLC.